Super EnDuro is Back!

Time to bust out the skinsuit! That’s right folks, the time is upon us; that time when we ride our bikes fast in an effort to win prizes and claim glory!  The Super EnDuro is back for 2016 and this year will be better than ever! New courses, better tracks, bigger competition and more prizes! This year we will be having an 8 ‘ride’ series with a mix of enduro and super-d disciplines. Dates are listed below so you can set your calendar, but tracks won’t be announced until the morning of the ride. “Ride blind”! It’s the spirit of enduro. Points will be awarded to the top 10 finishers of each ride and the leader at the end of the season takes home the winnings (We’re working on sponsors as we write this). Last  years winners took home a brand new suspension fork from SR Suntour, a sick set of handlebars from Spank and some super nice flat pedals from VP Components! The top 3 finishers from each ride will also be awarded prizes. This is a completely free series and all levels are welcome, but keep in mind that these rides are designed to be on the more aggressive side of the terrain spectrum. Also, depending on interest, there will likely be a cap on participants so let us know if you want in. Check out the dates below and send us a fb message or email so we can assemble the roster for the season. It’s gonna be awesome!

Ride #1: May 22 enduro ride – 4 stages

Ride #2: June 5 Super-D – 2 stages

Ride #3: June 26 enduro ride – 3 stages

Ride #4: July 17 – Super-D – 1 stage

Ride #5: July 31 – Super EnDuro – 3 stages

Ride #6: Aug 7 – enduro ride – 4 stages

Ride #7: Aug 21 – Super-D – 2 stages

Ride #8: Sept 4 – Super-D – 2 stages (full face HIGHLY recommended)